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1 workout is equal to 45 minutes, not including light warm-up or cool down, of moderate or high intensity strength or cardiovascular training

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The results below indicate a range of daily calorie intake for maintaining, losing, or gaining weight at the desired rate.

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Maintain weight
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0 (0%) Calories/day
0 g Protein/day
0 (0%) Calories/day
0 g Protein/day
0 (0%) Calories/day
0 g Protein/day

If you aim to lose over 1 kg per week, please speak with your doctor or health care professional, as this requires taking in fewer than 1,500 calories daily.

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0 (0%) Calories/day
0 g Protein/day
0 (0%) Calories/day
140 g Protein/day
0 (0%) Calories/day
0 g Protein/day
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DayMild weight gainProteinWeight gainProtein
Zig Zag weight loss schedule
DayMild weight lossProteinWeight lossProtein

Smart Calorie Calculator, All in One Tool for Calculating your Calories and Protein Intake

The most accurate TDEE calculator and protein calculator online.

Great tool for achieving weight loss, weight gain, and muscle building goals. And… it’s free!

How to Use this Calorie Calculator

The Smart Calorie Calculator is both a tdee calculator and protein calculator.

It is great for helping you determine your maintenance calories, create a calorie deficit, and increasing your protein intake.

To use this calorie calculator, enter your personal information such as age, sex, weight, and your activity level.

This tool will help you figure out how many calories you should eat per day, and how much protein you should eat to build muscle. It is an all in one smart tool created by Nutrition Coach, Ola Ipaye.

Calorie Calculator for Weight Loss

Our Smart Calorie Calculator is designed to help you lose weight by calculating your calorie deficit for you while recommending the correct amount of protein you should eat while in a caloric deficit. It is for everyone of any experience and expertise level.

Calorie Calculator for Protein Intake

Our Smart Calorie Calculator will help you determine exactly how much protein you need per day to build muscle or lose weight.

Also, if you’re looking for a solid gym training program to start your fitness journey, you will get recommended the programs that suits your goals and lifestyles.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Smart Calorie Calculator

Is this the best Calorie Calculator?

This is by far the most accurate calorie calculator online. It was developed using the revised Harris Benedict Equation to calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure and gives you an estimate of your daily calories and protein intake.

Can you use this Protein Calculator to Build Muscle?

The smart calorie calculator is great for calculating your protein intake. Knowing how much protein to eat daily will help you eat the right type of foods high in protein and in the right amounts.

Can you use this Calorie Calculator to Lose Weight?

This FREE calorie calculator is both a calorie calculator and a protein calculator. You can use it to get your maintenance calories, calculate your calorie deficit to lose weight successfully. If you’re in your cutting phase, and you want to lose fat and build muscle at the same time, this calculator can help you.

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