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21 Easy Smoothie Bowl Recipes – Best Smoothie Bowls

Have you tried smoothie bowls yet?

You’re in luck. Here are 21 of the best smoothie bowls you must try today.

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1. Berry Superfood Smoothie Bowl Recipes

This is a recipe worth stealing.

This beautiful reddish purple color smoothie bowl is the all time breakfast approved smoothie bowls. Yum!

Get the recipe from loveandlemons

2. Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Do you like your smoothie super thick? Then you’ll love this kiwi filled green smoothie bowl.

The chia seeds topping gives this smoothie bowl a lovely crunchy taste in your mouth.

Get the recipe from sallybakingaddiction

3. Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowl

This gorgeous strawberry banana smoothie bowl is packed with sweetened flavoury taste of the strawberry and the fruits in the smoothie.

The granola gives this bowl the perfect crunch and makes this a very filling smoothie breakfast.

Get the recipe from fitnessfoodrecipes

4. Tropical Banana Mango Smoothie Bowl

Have you ever seen anything so dreamy?

This easy banana smoothie bowl is packed with flavour and nutrients, making it the perfect summer lunch.

Get the recipe from wickedspatula

5. Banana Date Smoothie Bowl (GLUTEN FREE, PALEO + VEGAN)

This sweet & creamy Banana Date Smoothie (or smoothie bowl) tastes like ice cream…but it’s simple and healthy enough for breakfast, thanks to a secret veggie: cauliflower!

Get the recipe from bakerita

6. Blueberry Cacao Smoothie Bowl

A thick, creamy and flavorful smoothie bowl packed with fruits, veggies, antioxidants and plant-powered protein for a filling and delicious breakfast!

Get the recipe from hummusapien

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7. Green Matcha Smoothie Bowl

This Green Matcha Smoothie Bowl makes a perfect summer treat. Made with bananas, kiwis, matcha powder and almond milk – it tastes like ice cream and has only 180 calories!

Get the recipe from cooktoria

8. Berry Smoothie Bowl

The creaminess of this gorgeous berry smoothie bowl is just amazing! This smoothie bowl is satisfying, nutrient rich and naturally sweet.

Get the recipe from minimalistbaker

9. Carrot-Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

This gorgeous carrot smoothie bowl is a filling breakfast you can’t go without. Make it now!

Get the recipe from weightwatchers

10. Easy Mango Smoothie Bowl

Have you tried making any smoothie bowls yet?

This beautiful tropical mango smoothie bowl will make you join the smoothie bowl revolution.

Get the recipe from iheartnaptime

11. Pomegranate-berry Smoothie Bowl

This delicious smoothie bowl is perfect to enjoy after a workout or a long, hot day spent outside.

Get the recipe from weightwatchers

12. Galaxy Smoothie Bowl

If you like smoothies, you’ll love this glorious acai bowl galaxy smoothie bowl.

Get the recipe from vegandollhouse

13. Mango & Spinach Smoothie Bowl

A refreshingly delicious blended breakfast smoothie bowl packed full of great ingredients and topped with fruit and cacao nibs.

Get the recipe from healthy-twists

14. Tropical Acai Bowl

Healthy meets tasty!

This tropical bowl smoothie is delicious and packed with super foods.

Get the recipe from cookieandkate

15. Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl

This recipe is a sweet & smooth combination of yogurt, berries, milk and banana topped with a nutritious crunch of granola.

Get the recipe from spendwithpennies

16. Chunky Monkey Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie recipe is simply delicious. It’s filled with favorite flavours all in one bowl with a pile of granola on top. Yum!

Get the recipe from getinspiredeveryday

17. Blueberry Ginger Smoothie Bowl

This smoothie is high in antioxidants, superfoods, is anti-inflammatory and will promote digestion. It’s a great way to start your morning to have high amounts of energy, or as a snack later in the day.

Get the recipe from nikkisharp

18. Strawberry Banana Smoothie Bowls

Kick off your morning with a healthy, refreshing, filling smoothie bowl! Top with your favorite crunchy almonds, granola, or fresh fruit.

Get the recipe from thefitchen

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19. Acai Smoothie Bowl (VEGAN & GLUTEN FREE!)

This Açaí Smoothie Bowl is the perfect refreshing and nourishing treat for warm Spring and Summer days! Paleo-friendly, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free!

Get the recipe from lexiscleankitchen

20. Chia/Acai Smoothie Bowl

The acai berries will help your skin and hair look fresh and healthy and the chia seeds will help keep you full until lunch.

Get the recipe from goop

21. Banana Bread Smoothie Bowl

This Banana bread smoothie bowl is packed with fresh fruits full of nutrients.

Get the recipe from andiemitchell

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