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Get Ripped Now: 21 Best Protein Shake Recipes For Muscle Gain

Protein shakes have truly become a part of our daily lives.

It used to be something that was exclusive to pro-athletes and bodybuilders in the early 90s.

But now you’d find it hard to see the average gym goer without a protein shake bottle in their hand. And thank goodness for that!

Fair to say, the protein shake craze is here to stay!

If you want to get ripped, why not enjoy these 21 best homemade protein shake recipes carefully picked out for you.

Let’s dive in!

What are the Best Protein Shake Recipes for Muscle Gain?

Just because you’re trying to build muscle doesn’t mean you should drink a protein shake that is bland and tasteless.

Protein shakes should be exciting and tasty every time you make it. Below are the 21 of the best protein shakes for muscle gain!

1. Chocolate Protein Shake For Muscle Gain (p:45g)

This healthy Chocolate Protein Shake recipe uses wholesome ingredients and contains 45g of protein in just 1 serving.

This protein shake is perfect for post-workout recovery.

Get the recipe from fitnessfoodrecipes

2. Banana Protein Shake (p:16g)

This Healthy Banana Protein Shake is packed with a short list of real ingredients and blended together to perfection!

Boasting 16 g of protein per serving and oh so flavorful, this protein shake recipe will fuel your body post-workout or as a sweet treat. Enjoy!

Get the recipe from fitfoodiefinds

3. Vanilla Blueberry Protein Shake (p:28g)

This delicious Vanilla Blueberry Protein Shake is super healthy, easy to make and perfect as a quick, on-the-go breakfast.

It is choke-full of antioxidants, lean protein, clean fats, and good carbs.

Get the recipe from onecleverchef

4. Chocolate Banana Protein Shake (p:28g)

So simple to make and such a classic flavor combo, this extra rich and creamy Chocolate Banana Protein Shake sure will satisfy after a hard workout, or will start your day on the right foot!

Get the recipe from thehealthyfoodie

5. Mint Chocolate Protein Shake (p:23g)

Mint Chocolate Protein Shake: an easy, 6 ingredient recipe for a refreshing High-Protein shake! Plant-based, 23g grams of protein per serving.

Get the recipe from beamingbaker

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6. Vanilla Strawberry Protein Shake (p:26g)

This protein shake is healthy for you and it’s a good way to increase your protein intake daily.

You can make this protein shake as a pre-workout or after your workout. It contains enough carbs and protein for refilling and refuelling after your workout.

Get the recipe from fitnessfoodrecipes

7. Banana Protein Shake (p:38g)

This Banana Protein Shake is one of the best protein shakes you can make with bananas.

It’s healthy and filling with a dash of cinnamon to make it more flavourful.

Get the recipe from asweetpeachef

8. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake (p:26g)

This creamy high-protein shake will keep you satisfied for hours and tastes like a Chocolate-Peanut Butter Banana milkshake.

You don’t even need to add protein powder, thanks to the naturally occurring protein in the soy milk, Greek yogurt and peanut butter.

Get the recipe from eatingwell

9. Healthy Chocolate Protein Shake (p:12g)

Creamy, decadent tasting healthy Chocolate Protein Shake that you will want to make every day.

Blended frozen bananas, creamy peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, and almond milk, make this smoothie super simple and packed with crazy nutrition.

5 minutes to make and it is both vegan and gluten-free!

Get the recipe from pinchmegood

10. Peanut Butter Banana Protein Shake (p:43g)

This protein shake is healthy and best used as a post-workout meal.

It’ll give you a whooping 43g of quality protein in just 1 serving.

Get the recipe stylecraze

11. Coffee Protein Shake (p:27g)

Need a jolt in the mornings? Try this Coffee Protein Shake that not only packs the caffeine you need to get moving but also has 27 grams of protein.

Get the recipe from heandsheeatclean

12. Pumpkin Spice Latte Protein Shake (p:57g)

This Cold Pumpkin Spice Latte Protein Shake is what you’ll crave after your gym sessions this fall!

Super healthy, extra tasty, this delicious high-protein (57 grams per shake!) beverage also contains 4 ounces of espresso, which would also make a great pre-workout option.

Gluten-free, low-carb, low-fat, egg-free, and refined sugar-free!

Get the full recipe onecleverchef

13. Almond Milk Protein Shake (p:26g)

Come and try this nutritious almond milk protein shake.

Not only does it taste splendid, it is also an effective protein shake that should be a part of your daily routine, especially if you are trying to cut down on your calories or if you feel like you need to add more protein to your diet.

Get the recipe from greedygourmet

14. Vanilla Protein Shake (p:15g)

This plant-based Vanilla Protein Shake is one of my favorite recipes of all time.

It’s creamy, sweet, nourishing and keeps me full longer.

Get the recipe from simplegreensmoothies

15. Banana Protein Shake – No Protein Powder Or Milk (p:12g)

This thick banana protein shake recipe is made without milk or protein powder.

It’s easy to make and low in calories. Great for post-workout recovery.

Get the recipe from fitnessfoodrecipes

16. Double Chocolate Protein Shake

Looking for a major chocolate fix? Try this Double Chocolate Protein Shake with chocolate almond milk, chocolate protein, and a little peanut butter.

Get the recipe from jennifermeyering

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17. Strawberry Chia Seed Protein Shake (p:22g)

A healthy, easy to make Strawberry Protein Shake recipe with only 4 ingredients!

Enjoy this delicious protein shake post workout or for breakfast.

Get the recipe from ambitiouskitchen

18. Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake (p:37g)

This Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake is a little sweet and a touch salty, just like a chocolate peanut butter cup.

The recipe is made with nutritional yeast, almond milk, frozen banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder and turmeric for a high-protein vegan shake that tastes like dessert.

Enjoy it for a vegan breakfast or post-workout snack.

Get the recipe from runningonrealfood

19. Coconut Chia Protein Shake (p:5g)

Spice up your protein shake this week and make this delicious Coconut Chai Protein Shake!

It’s made with frozen coconut meat, bananas, chai spices, and protein powder!

Get the recipe from fitfoodiefinds

20. Peach Protein Shake (p:33g)

This Peach Protein Shake will fool you into thinking it’s not healthy or full of nutritious protein.

Get the recipe from asweetpeachef

21. Healthy Chocolate And Banana Protein Shake

This protein shake is dreamy and creamy!

Here’s a healthy and super clean way to enjoy your own version of ice-cream!

Get the recipe from bebraveandbloom


Protein shakes are very important for post-workout recovery.

If you live an active lifestyle, take advantage of the many protein shake recipes on the list and you’ll reach your daily protein intake with ease.

Which of the protein shakes on the list will you make today? Leave a comment below!

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Drinking Protein Shakes for Muscle Gain

When is the best time to drink a protein shake?

The best time to drink a protein shake depends on your specific needs and goals. In my experience, the best time to drink a protein shake is after your workout because that is when your body needs to replenish lost energy and nutrients.

Although, protein shakes are also beneficial before workouts, as they give your body a boost of energy to help you get through your training sessions but keep in mind you will be using protein for energy which is not something you want to do.

What are the side effects of protein shake?

Drinking a protein shake is generally safe because you’re just drinking a powdered form of an whole food such as milk (whey protein). But the protein powder you use in your protein shake can cause various side effects, depending on the ingredients and type of shake you consume.

Some potential side effects of consuming protein shakes include heavy metal contamination, bloating, cramping, nausea, headache, fatigue, and more. Additionally, over-consumption of protein shakes could lead to kidney problems if you have an existing kidney issue, as well as weight gain if you’re in a calorie surplus daily due to consuming protein shakes.

Is water or milk better for protein shakes?

Speaking from experience, it depends on your goals. If you’re trying to lose fat, water is the best option as it provides a low-calorie protein shake that will mix well and contains no extra calories. However, milk can also be a great choice if you are looking for additional calories and nutrients.

If you use milk, use whole milk, not skimmed milk because whole milk contains more nutrients and protein for helping you build muscle. Ultimately, it is important to choose the option that works best for your individual needs and dietary goals.

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